About Us


Meet Team Ultra Crazy, a group of ultrarunners from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We spend our weekends running through forests and up mountains while smiling, laughing, and living life to its fullest. Our next big adventure is the TransAlpine Run, a 250 km stage race through Germany, Austria, and Italy from September 4-10, 2016. We have four teams of two registered and ready share our adventures!

Team 1: Dayna & Courtney

Dayna and Courtney are two of the three Run Like A Girl founders. They are constant sources of inspiration for runners and aspiring runners, and are always happy to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the community. Dayna is super sweet and always looking out for everyone. Courtney is tough as nails and unstoppable.

Team 2: Hailey & Eduardo

Hailey and Eduardo are the adventure power couple. They met two years ago during an expedition stage race, fell in love, and got married in Costa Rica. Hailey is also the third founder of Run Like A Girl and the social media powerhouse. Together, Hailey and Eduardo are sure to kick some TransAlpine butt!

Team 3: Kyle & Ward

Kyle and Ward love extremes. Whether it’s an epic climb or a steep descent, they’re in their element. Kyle has an endless supply of crazy, amusing, and shocking stories to tell whoever is near him on the trail. Ward is everyone’s coach and cheerleader, dishing out pointers and challenging you to push yourself.

Team 4: Chris & Brie

Chris and Brie met through a marathon training clinic over two years ago but were soon lured away to the trails. Chris always carries enough M&Ms to feed the group. Brie enjoys sharing her running journey on her personal blog and connecting with other runners online.